Mariners' Village and Marina   
        Located on the beautiful Illinois River in Seneca, Illinois
Useful Information

The gravel road along the harbor is a designated fire lane.  Therefore, vehicles may not park on the gravel road but must park in either the west or east parking lots.  A ten minute grace period is provided for loading and unloading gear from boats.

Where Can I Launch My Boat?

Boat slip owners and renters can always use the ramp right in Mariners' Marina.  But the town of Seneca has built a beautiful public ramp that include two long, gradual water ramps.  It is perfect for large boats as the ramp extends far into the water (and the ends of the ramps are clearly marked on the sides in orange paint).  There is plenty of trailer parking and the Seabees have built great shelters and bench areas for use by the public.  And you can gas your boat up in Seneca at the Clark, Casey's, or BP gas stations on your way to the ramp.  The ramp area, pictured below, is located east off of Main Street (Route 170) just north of the Seneca Bridge.   Also note the hours that the ramp area is open - shown below.

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How About Fishing?

Of course!!  There are numerous places in town to purchase bait and a fishing license (the Clark gas station, for example).  But please note the following:

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River Links:

Some useful links before heading out on the Illinois River (click on any of the following):

Weather - a quick link to the current weather conditions in the Seneca area.  You can scroll down to see the radar map and animate the weather display.
River Temperature  - use this site to get the water temperatures at the various locks and dams on the Illinois River - if the LockMaster provides it.
Barge locations on the Illinois River -  don't waste time waiting for a barge to lock through when you are in a hurry.  Check this site to find out the barge location and lock status.
NOAA lllinois River Hydrograph  - this site will show you the current and predicted river levels. 

Area Links:

And some good information regarding the Seneca area (click on the following):

Village of Seneca Website -  this is the Seneca website that has the latest information on village events, the new Illinois River Bridge, and various Village Events.  
Seneca Area Information - gives you some interesting details on the town of Seneca. 
More Seneca Area Information - provides some more perspectives on the unique Seneca area.
Map of Mariners' Village and Marina -  this link is preloaded for the heart of Mariners' Village and Marina.  You can zoom out or get directions as needed.

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Where to Eat?

There are a number of good restaurants in the surrounding area.  There are a few located on the water in our pool as well as good establishments in Morris and Ottawa.

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Some Useful Telephone Numbers:

Provided in the below photo are some numbers to keep handy.  Please remember that Seneca is in the 815 area code area and you must dial 1+815 even for local calls.

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