Mariners' Village and Marina   
        Located on the beautiful Illinois River in Seneca, Illinois
Where It Is

Seneca is easy to get to!  Depending on your exact starting point within the Chicago area, of course, Mariners' Marina is probably less than an hour a way!  Seneca has its own ramps to Interstate 80 (mile marker and exit 105).  Seneca is indicated by the little red star in the below map.

Click on the following link for a map that is centered on Mariners' Village and Marina.  You may zoom out or in on the map as needed:

     Mariners' Village and Marina Map


Mariners' Marina is located on the edge of the Chicagoland area in the historic town of Seneca, Illinois.  It is easy to get to Mariners' Marina via Interstate 80.

If you are coming by water, Mariners' Marina is located at approximately mile marker 252.1 on the north bank of the Illinois River.  It is customary to use two short blasts of your boat horn when planning to enter the harbor and one long blast when exiting.